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Summer Camp

It’s 4:15 a.m. on Sunday morning. I’m watching over a little village girl who is staying the night with us (more on that later) and thinking about all the things I’d like to write about here – but not sure where or how to begin.

Our original Saturday plan was to take a trip to BulBule to play and wash, but the skies looked ominously full of rain clouds all morning, and with no car/scooter (I don’t feel confident enough yet to ride with kids on the bike) I didn’t want to risk everyone getting drenched/cold/sick, etc. So instead, we busted out the embroidery thread!

With Maggie away we’re in summer camp mode anyway, so why not try out the time honored tradition of making friendship bracelets?

With a book of designs from Maggie’s cousin, Kelly got everyone started.

The boys were really keen on the project…

Others were just hanging out where the cool people were…

Frank got in on the action with an “advanced” lanyard design.

While I was snapping away I caught Shanti and Santosh having a serious discussion under a table. Kind of Shanti talking and Santosh trying to look like he’s listening…

I love how he looks like he’s reading a newspaper the whole time.

We should have known the day was going a little too well. When we adults finally pried ourselves away from the string festival upstairs with the intention of going to the market to buy fruit for the kids, we were greeted by a little village girl with a gash on her head. Apparently she fell on a rock while playing. So Frank made a detour to get supplies for stitches, since it was now late Saturday afternoon and we knew we wouldn’t be able to find a doctor.

Unfortunately the only suture needle the pharmacy had was WAY too big, and this little girl was WAY too frightened (the kids are all pretty afraid of the clinic, they’ve never been to a doctor before and they have no idea what to expect) so we had to butterfly the wound closed and this morning (just a few hours from now actually) we will take her into town to get it properly closed up.

Her mother said it would take them an hour to walk home, and her little girl had already fallen asleep on my lap, so she slept over last night. I think part of the reason I haven’t slept very well is my worry that she’ll wake up scared, or wet the bed, or bump her head against the wall, or fall on the floor, etc…

In closing, check out our new and improved side yard! Maggie bought lots of new fruit trees and our turkeys are loving their new digs. These pictures are from just a couple of days ago, and already the guys have added a brick footpath that links our new kitchen with the main house. Now if we can just keep the goat away from the new plants!

Have a great Sunday world!

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