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Little (BIG) Surprise

BIG thanks to Michael, Kelly, and Erik from California for their AWESOME donation! They’ve answered our call for used laptops for teachers in Nepal by donating three wonderful machines – one of which is a OLPC machine!!!

OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child. This organization has created a rugged laptop with *satellite* internet access and features designed for rural and remote areas. Their mission is to connect children no matter where they are to the rest of the world and educational opportunities. It is SUCH an amazing gift to be able to see just how the laptop works and what the future implications at Kopila might be.

At the risk of being dramatic – I want to again extend gratitude to everyone who has donated – THANK YOU! It is hard to explain how difficult it is to get technology into remote areas like Surkhet, and at the same time how essential it is to providing QUALITY education to the community.

For instance – buying, hand carrying, and paying the baggage fees for books is so expensive, almost prohibitively so. Having laptops makes it easy for us to project a book on the screen and teach a meaningful lesson using free Kindle for PC software. We can essentially create a “class set” of books where previously there wasn’t a single one. These go WAY beyond checking email or reading the news. They will save Kopila thousands of dollars and they will fundamentally change us for the better.

So, to all of you, from Kopila, Maggie, me, and the universe – we thank you for your greatness of heart. It does not go unnoticed.


It’s So Fluffy! (In a square, metal clad kind of way…)

Say what? If you haven’t seen Despicable Me, let me bring you up to speed…

That’s how I felt when this arrived:

Not fluffy - just AWESOME!

YES!!! It’s one of the first donated laptops to arrive. Katherine Walther Hodges, a friend from high school, sent us this perfect Acer. Of course my photog skills leave a lot to be desired, but you get the idea.

Response to the laptop drive has been great. We’re collecting comps from law offices, home offices, friends, neighbors, schools, and – last but not least – Maggie’s tweeps.

All told I think right now we’ve blown my original goal out of the water with …. wait for it…. drum roll….

10 Laptops!


We’re well on our way to having a laptop for each teacher.  Once we’ve got that we’ll be working toward a computer lab for the kids.


I bet we could fill that lab by the end of February .

What do you think?  Can you help us?  T-13 days and counting!

contact me – lisareneemarshall <at> gmail – to donate 🙂

Laptop Drive Update

Our little impromptu laptop drive is gaining momentum. I want to share a little something I just read that sums up how important this technology is to us:


“You see what a difference it makes when kids get the tools that enable them to learn, and you never forget it.”

– Mark Foster

former VP of engineering @ One Laptop Per Child


The same goes for our teachers. They need the tools that enable them to teach – plain and simple.

– Lisa

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