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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Laptop Drive Update

Our little impromptu laptop drive is gaining momentum. I want to share a little something I just read that sums up how important this technology is to us:


“You see what a difference it makes when kids get the tools that enable them to learn, and you never forget it.”

– Mark Foster

former VP of engineering @ One Laptop Per Child


The same goes for our teachers. They need the tools that enable them to teach – plain and simple.

– Lisa


Laptop Love

Do you have an old laptop in your office closet collecting dust? Maybe you’re a techie and you have various parts of laptops lying around that just need to be assembled? Or maybe you know someone who has what we’re looking for…laptops for teachers in Nepal!

The new year is in full gear here in Dallas. I’m busy planning for my return to Kopila Valley Primary School at the beginning of March. More than anything I have been focusing on education and enrichment for our teachers. A major part of this effort is improving computer literacy. To be effective teachers they need to be self sufficient with things like word processing, browsing the web, and using email.

To do this we need more laptops. I’m hoping to find 3 or 4 used laptops to take with me, so that I can work in small groups with the teachers.

As Maggie would say, “Say YES! to this worthwhile effort.” Ask your boss, ask your grandson, ask your schools! I KNOW there are some discarded and lonely, probably dusty, laptops out there who would love to be loved by a *very* appreciative teacher!

You can email me at lisareneemarshall [at] gmail. Now is the perfect time to donate because we have several volunteers from all over the place headed to Kopila. Chances are we are in you area and more than happy to trade you a “data dinosaur” for a tax deductible donation receipt!

Danyaabad ~


Kopila Valley Faculty and Lisa in the new school office

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