Roosters crowing children growing, got big plans but dirty pants, with kids to teach life is sweet!

I say to my brain…

Today we started another week of school, and I got to spend all day with our fabulous fifth graders. We read Shel Silverstein poems, identified prime and composite numbers, and still had time for future-tense conversational practice!

Went to the market after school with Gail and Erin, who are here for a little more than a week photographing and filming Maggie, the kids, the school, et al for a documentary called Opening Our Eyes. They’re traveling the world to tell the stories of people who are changing the world.

The roof is up on the second building at the school, which means floors and carpet are soon to follow. The school looks so beautiful from the roof of the house. I’m so proud of Maggie and the staff here, and the kids. They are honestly just really incredible people. They make me excited to be around, you know? Life is better when there are good people in it.

Sometimes when I walk down the hall to my room in the evening my mind wanders (actually my mind wanders all the time – but) as I walk toward my room, my brain tells me, “Lisa, you’re in Nepal!!!” And then I tell my brain, “Brain, I know!!! How did I ever get here? How did this ever happen?”

And then I run through it in my head…’you were on Facebook and saw Maggie’s Do Something profile….and then you spent the rest of the work day furtively reading her blog…and by the end of the day you wanted to volunteer there. Then, you got laid off’ – thank you EDGE Tech – in all sincerity it was exactly what needed to happen. I sent in my application to Maggie thinking that if now wasn’t the time, there would never be a right one.

That was what really got the ball rolling and things began to fall into place. I found a subtenant, people let me borrow their cars after mine died, they let me live with them for practically nothing so I could save money…then others who knew my family supported me by donating airline miles for my travel, work told me I would still have a job when I came back…everything just worked out.

My good friend Erin said to me at one point – “You see Lisa, when you follow your heart and you do what you feel is right – the universe helps you.” And while I’m still a novice in quantum physics, maybe its true. Maybe the universe does help you. If I can be in Nepal helping open a school, then anything is possible – even a helpful universe.

PS – here is a picture of me enjoying a FANTASTIC cup of black tea made by fellow volunteer Christina. In case you can’t tell – it is delicious.


5 responses to “I say to my brain…

  1. megan June 28, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Lisa, this is beautiful! Thank you for being awesome and following your heart! xomegan

  2. Margaret June 28, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    You are an incredible person too! I’ve been thinking it since you got there and it’s time I let you know…. You’re Awesome!! Your slide show was great and “ode to a copier”…Loved it! Thank you for sharing. Kopila is lucky to have you.
    Take care,
    Margaret (Maggie and Kelly’s cousin)

    • Regina Marshall June 29, 2010 at 4:05 am

      Hello, Daughter of Peter and Regina,
      I have to tell you, that your brain has always worked at a fast pace. At the age of 10 months, three in the morning you would be up singing to yourself, jumping up and down in your crib and you were as happy as a lark. Basicly, the working of your brain has not changed much, ( a little smarter):) I have to say as I was watching your montage tears of joy were streaming down my face and I said to Pete, this my love is our daughter and she is doing great things in the world. All of you are doing great things! I thank you Maggie for sharing your story and your work with the world! You are a voice that will resonate with many for a very long, long time. Every Friday, my students could not wait to e-mail you and your children. The pictures, the stories, brought a real sense of understanding of life in Kopila to my students and they were so excited about sending what little money we could to you. The Universe helps all of us succeed, when it is “True and Right” for others.
      Bless you all!
      Love you Lisa,

  3. Erin June 29, 2010 at 8:26 am

    Lisa! who’s that cheesy friend Erin of yours? haha. 🙂 girl, I LOVE reading this and seeing all your pictures. oh my goodness. these kids are beautiful. the surroundings are beautiful. what you’re doing is beyond beautiful. YOU ARE IN NEPAL!! and you are for real changing lives. it’s happening. keep saying yes! I miss you a lot (Norma and I were just talking about how we wish you were around so we could hang), but I get all kinds of happy when I think of what you’re doing over there. Keeping up the pictures and updates.

    Love you!

  4. Karen July 28, 2010 at 1:45 am

    Lisa – I am a die hard for Maggie’s blog, but have been out of the loop recently. Just read your whole blog, love it! You introduce us to a different perspective and it’s really nice. I’m so glad that the universe worked with you to put you where you need to be at this moment. You are lucky, the kids are lucky, Maggie is lucky and we are lucky. Enjoy!

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