Roosters crowing children growing, got big plans but dirty pants, with kids to teach life is sweet!


I want to start off with words of thanks and appreciation to everyone who has been following the blog. I love seeing/hearing that people are reading it and it’s so nice to read your comments. Even though I haven’t been able to respond to everyone, I do read all the messages you leave and they are much appreciated.

Things that happened this week:

On Monday we gave an entrance exam to over 250 kids!!! We were expecting maybe a 100, so it was a wild and woolly day.

After asking some kids back for interviews, we ended up with 50 merit seats filled. Congrats to our new Kopila Valley students!

Wednesday and Thursday were full of meetings, lesson plan writing, textbook reading, and paper filing. We worked around the inconveniences of no water/electric/and/or internet as best we could, with admirable success.

Friday was spent at the school registering all the new students, going over parent contracts, and getting uniform measurements. Lots of excited and smiling faces despite the heat and long lines.

Today we’re resting up, because Monday is the first official day of school! Maggie is in Nepalganj with Sarah, who will be missed dearly. Everyone have a great weekend. Here are some photos to nosh on!


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